1998-03-02: The Stone Idol

Global Edition

The Stone Idol

Author: Narthm Published: March 2, 1998

A beaten a battered party of adventurers gated into town today with an awesome tale of terror. I wouldn't have believed it if I had not gone to see it myself. The party talked of a stone idol that cast magic upon them and taunted them to come closer, all the while calling forth Lizardmen and Ratmen to protect it and pay homage to it. Several guild master mages who overheard the story consulted great tombs of magic to find a way to rid the land of this idol of terror. It seems that great explosions were one of the ways to destroy these idols. The other text in the books had become faded and difficult to read, so explosion would have to do.

The town cryers called the warriors of the land to arms. I was among those called. I hurried down the road with a large group of men, most I had never seen before, yet we felt like brothers in this cause. We hit the swamps between Britain and Vesper, swords were drawn and hungry for blood. The monsters hit us hard from all sides, but we pushed on, for we had no choice. The creatures were endless and enraged, I have never seen creatures fight this way. My group worked its way to the center of the swamp. I froze for a second as I saw the Idol. Shaking the feeling of terror off of me, I continued to battle. The warrior to my left was cut down because he was frozen with fear from the Idol's power.

I grabbed several explosion potions that I had been saving from my pack. Readying the potion I yelled, “Back away from the evil creation, potions flying”. All who were near backed away as the potions hit home. Large chunks of the Idol blew away with each blast. I felt a shock, then burning; by the heavens the Idol was defending itself with magic. I fell to the ground from the pain from the lightning, as I watched the others destroy the evil creation. Silence. The smoke from the explosions cleared. The Idol had been destroyed. All who were near let out a cry of victory, for we had won this day.

The group I came with gathered around me and helped me to my feet. Healers healed my wounds and warriors shared their spoils. We walked back to town singing songs and admiring our newly found wealth.