1998-03-03: Ben Kahns, More Than Just A Great Chef

Pacific Edition

Ben Kahns, More Than Just A Great Chef

Author: Alonarg III Published: March 3, 1998

Magincia - It was with great pleasure that I travelled to the city of Magincia a few days early. I will be reviewing the Great Horns Tavern soon, but first I wanted to meet their new head chef and bartender, Mr. Ben Kahns.

Mr. Kahns hails from Nujel'm originally, but travelled to Magincia to make a name for himself in the Food Business. Here is a small transcript of our interview:

Alonarg III: So what type of food do you specialize in?

Ben Kahns: Well, in Magincia it’s mostly pastries. The people seem to have a sweet tooth. They have two bakeries in town just to fulfill the demand.

Alonarg III: Cake is one of my favorite dishes.

Ben Kahns: One regular yesterday evening wanted a peach pie.

Alonarg III: Peach?

Ben Kahns: Alas, I could not make one... the dough would just not mix properly.He settled for a fresh apple pie...

Alonarg III: A perfectionist...I like you already. Never serve something substandard, eh?

Ben Kahns: But I feel I failed him. I must endeavor to make my customers happy.

Alonarg III: They’d be happier with your best work.

Ben Kahns: Of course, but with food, individual taste is of the upmost importance.

We went on to discuss why he’d chosen Magincia over Nujel'm, since his home was there, and he mentioned the money, but mostly that he was tired of the poor conditions in Nujel'm, and the lack of good food.

If you get a chance, go by the Great Horns and Visit Mr. Kahns, he’d be happy to bake you a pie or a cake, or just pour you a nice cold drink. And check back soon for a review of his handiwork.