1998-03-03: Festival of the Ivory Tusk

Global Edition

Festival of the Ivory Tusk

Author: Caitlin Elopidat Published: March 3, 1998

The Time has come once again for the citizens of Britannia to celebrate. Time to celebrate our dominance over the birds of the air, and the beasts of the fields. Our dominance over all living things. The time of the Festival of the Ivory Tusk.

Man has long held in awe the works of nature, the deadly alligator, the faithful dog, and the free roaming birds of the sky. But man has also held true that he is natures greatest creation. A living breathing, thinking organism that can be as deadly, as faithful, and as free as any other animal that has ever lived.

And so we celebrate on this joyous day with a festival to be held in the city of Jhelom. There will be food and drink for everyone, as well as many other events. Come and see the zoo of strange and exotic creatures to be displayed. Come and watch as animals are used as gladiators in one of the favorite spectator sports of the land. Wager with friends on the outcome of any and all challenges. Watch as Bulls do battle with each other. Panthers and wolves go head to head. As well as chickens, rabbits, and snakes.

Come one and all to the great Festival of the Ivory Tusk!