1998-03-03: Restaurant Review, The Salty Dog

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Restaurant Review, The Salty Dog

Author: Alonarg III Published: March 3, 1998

The Salty Dog

(The Salty Dog is located on the eastern side of the river near the road to Minoc, the head chef is Raul)

The first question I had for Raul when I met him at his restaurant, the Salty Dog, was “What’s with the name?” I mean really, the Salty Dog? Just what exactly was he trying to convey with a name like that. That they serve dog meat? Well spiced dog meat? He laughed as he explained that it was some sort of sailor terminology, and to be honest I didn’t understand how such a term came into being, though he tried repeatedly to explain it. But with that matter put to rest we adjourned to the dining room and I got my first taste of what was to be a pleasurable evening of dining and good company.

Unlike many of the lesser-known taverns in Britannia the Salty Dog is kept in immaculate condition. A small cat curled up under one of the windows keeps the entire place rat free, and Raul makes sure that the waiters clean up after the patrons. I was the only patron at the moment. I’d come early to make sure I didn’t interfere with Raul’s dinner preparations, and this tactic meant that I was waited on hand and foot (a condition that I could easily get used to.)

Raul opened the meal with some of the finest baked bread that it’s ever been my pleasure to sample (3 gold) and a pitcher of wine (13 gold) that had aged perfectly. Next I tried the tomato soup (4 gold) and I can’t begin to explain the sensations of taste that are perfectly blended into this simple menu item. From the bitter taste of fresh tomatoes to the spices imported from Magincia and Nujel’m this was by far the best soup I’ve ever eaten. As if this weren’t enough for one evening though, I sampled both the leg of lamb (12 gold) and a roasted chicken leg (9 gold). Both were deliciously devious. For Desert I had some of the most scrumptious cake I’ve ever laid eyes on and it cost me a pretty penny (15 gold) but I’d recommend it to anyone who eats here.

Overall I give the Salty Dog 4 Stars. Stop by and say hi to Raul.