1998-03-04: New Acquisition For The Royal Zoo In Moonglow

Pacific Edition

New Acquisition For The Royal Zoo In Moonglow

Author: Genn Wintord Published: March 4, 1998

The Mage Council of Moonglow recently acquired a baby mongbat for the Royal Zoo. It was captured in the far north close to the shrine of Justice. The undeveloped monster is pink in color and is actually rather playful. The zookeepers who handle the little fellow claim that while he may attack you, the baby does minimal damage and is just trying to have some fun. The baby hath managed to kill a few of the smaller animals that shared his cage.

In a strange, but not altogether shocking, turn of events, an enormous number of adult mongbats flooded the island of Moonglow and managed to free the baby mongbat from its captivity. The citizens of Moonglow were quick to respond and drove the mongbats away. The baby mongbat was returned to the zoo, safe and unharmed, depsite the attempts of some zealots to assassinate the young creature. Security remains a problem, so the baby mongbat hath been isolated until the matter can be resolved.