1998-03-05: Festival of the Ivory Tusk Has Ended

Global Edition

Festival of the Ivory Tusk Has Ended

Author: Jarom Marguild Published: March 5, 1998

Jhelom - Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and so it was with the Festival of the Ivory Tusk. There was much merriment made, and much fun was had at the festival, which took place in the Fighting Pit located in Jhelom.

It started innocently with animals who were trained to fight one another. Wolves, bears, horses, even sheep who battled with each other to celebrate man's domininion over those lesser creatures. But there was more in store.

Soon those who watched could bear it no longer and joined in the fray themselves. Drawing weapons and magic alike they entered the pit to do battle with the animals themselves, not letting the beasts have all the fun for themselves. But again, there was even more to come.

Soon all the animals were dispatched and strange things started appearing. Apparently the people in charge of the festival had planned for this contingency, for soon reapers, gazers, drakes, liches, giant serpents and the like roamed the pit doing battle with the revelers who had an extremely good time.

Pizza and cake were made available to everyone, as well as cider, wine, liquor, and ale. Everyone was allowed into the pit to do battle with the mysteriously appearing creatures, and to join in the fun.

The evening capped off with an event the likes of which may never be witnessed again as an ancient wyrm did battle with an ebon colored daemon. Never before has such a spectacle been witnessed by so many. It may never happen again. It was so much fun, in fact, that I can't even remember who won.