1998-03-08: Golden Staff Of Power

Lake Superior Edition

Golden Staff Of Power

Author: Ruscel the Mage Published: March 8, 1998

As I entered the mage shop in Britain I overheard a conversation about a golden staff of power. I know most of these stories are just myths and legends, but I went to listen none the less. There around the table sat seven men all very noble in stature, discussing what had taken place.

There was a Great battle on the ice isle. Many an orc lay waste to warriors, as a single mage stood laughing and taunting the fight on. When the warriors finally made it to the evil mage, his power was unmatched. Warriors collapsed at his feet like bags of bones. He struck them with only a Staff (The Golden Staff of Power). The power of the staff flowed through him as his taunts continued toward the warriors. The warriors surrounded the mage and beat him down, but only after many a death. Even with such great power, the mage could not over come such numbers. One of the warriors grabbed the staff and teleported away to safety, that warrior was amongst those in the room speaking.

What I heard next was unthinkable; the staff was alive. Apparently it was whispering evil suggestions to he who had grabbed it, as well as others around him. Frightened he told those around him what he heard and asked if they to had heard it, some did, some did not. He showed the staff to them proudly and kept it hidden in the bank so it would not get thieved. It was then that the town cryers called out, warning of the evil of the staff and how it must be destroyed. Rytal the Guildmaster mage offered to dispose of the staff and give a reward to he who brought the staff to him. So, that is the reason for the discussing amongst these men. They were going to destroy the staff.

What happened next saddens me to say, but I shall. Several of the warriors start shouting and yelling “’Tis the Staff Don’t listen” as a voice told them to relinquish the staff. I could not see who was saying to relinquish the staff, but some said it was the Mage Rytal. The staff was causing the mind of those around it to cloud over and be fooled. Those warriors who could see Rytal grabbed the staff and gave it to him. Words of magic I have never heard before bellowed forth as a strange portal opened. The Guildmaster mage said the only way for the staff to be destroyed was to take it to the void, but he himself would die there as well. The mage stepped into the portal as a scream escaped his lips…. Silence over came all as the portal closed. Rytal was gone, as was the cursed staff. A moment of silence was given for Rytal and the warriors moved on their way.

The town cryers cried the deeds of those who risked much to destroy the staff… So shall I.

Thank Thee Lord Kirdor, Greye Wyndmere, Isis de Valent, Lord Ged, Lord Dax Pagan, Ace Hunter(Who Found the staff) and Rytal.