1998-03-08: Wedding Announcement: Lady Nisha Marries Tundra Wolf winter

Catskills Edition

Wedding Announcement: Lady Nisha Marries Tundra Wolf winter

Author: Caitlin Elopidat Published: March 8, 1998

ICE ISLAND - - There are few things in the world more beautiful than a good wedding. Nothing brings tears to the eyes faster than hearing the words of a seer as he joins two lives into one forever. Nothing is more heartwrenching than to hear a man and woman pledge their undying devotion to one another.

Such was the case at the wedding of Nisha and TundraWolfwinter. As Seer Amber carefully pronounced the vows that bonded them together, the room held it’s collective breath. And the cheers were louder than a dragon’s roar when all was said and done.

The wedding was held in Castle Chaos, a castle of one of the local guilds. Attendees included Counselor Don, Seer Amber, Razishai Badoon, KryptKeepa (who made sure everyone signed in), Xtinct, Erdrick Ironwolf, Mandable-GoA, Sammael, Corwyn of Taren, Thadal, and Ranthir Venivari. SantaClaws gave away the bride. The Bridesmaids were Kayla, Shiela, Jadzia, and Hauntess.

A reception was held at a nearby keep where there were games and food for everyone. A surprise visitor, GM tOAD, made sure that everyone had Cake and Liquor before disappearing mysteriously as GM’s are notorious for doing.

If you see the happy couple, congratulate them, and help share in the wondrous love that could combine two people into one.