1998-03-09: Zephram’s False Son, Nothing More Than A Thief!

Chesapeake Edition

Zephram’s False Son, Nothing More Than A Thief!

Author: Drayiel Fenndasth Published: March 9, 1998

Britain – When one doth achieve a certain amount of renown and when one’s name doth become known to many, an unfortunate side effect doth occur. Namely, the attraction of the seediest elements in our realm. Those who would attempt to lie, cheat, and steal their way into attaining some of the perceived fame or wealth of their chosen victim. “Members” of our society who only wish to take those who do good for our land and use them to satisfy their own greed and lust for power, often using extortion, murder and straight out thieving to gain their ends.

Such an event very recently occurred in Britain. Alchemist and researcher, Zephram the Scientist, was hounded by a man claiming to be his son. Zephram doth research on potions, reagents, etc., while working to unlock the secrets of our world. At an early age, his parents were killed in an explosion caused by his experimentation. While clearly an accident, Zephram remains deeply effected by this event even today though he is well into his 60s. Fear of harming another loved one as well as a profound devotion to his work hath left his life devoid of any family or close friends for well over 50 years. As such he hath thrown himself, body and soul, into his research to the exclusion of most else – except, of course, an occasional mug of ale or glass of wine.

The man claiming to be his son admitted that his claim was false when confronted with the truth. Instead of relenting, he begged Zephram to allow him into his home even though he was not Zephram’s son. One can only wonder what evils he wished to act upon Zephram and why he wished such ill to a man he even admitted he had only once before met. This faux son, calling himself Ort or Hank or something like that, was even overheard at the Salty Dog Tavern saying the he was but a thief trying to steal his way into Zephram’s Home.

One such as Zephram, whose study of various cures and of resurrection, benefits all Britannians. To be harassed by some deviant soul claiming to be his son adds only insult to the potential harm that could have befallen him. Is this the way our society hath chosen to recognize those who work for the good for the realm? We belittle them, insult them, attempt to rob them, and scheme to murder them? This certainly seems to be the case. T’is a sad state of affairs. One can only hope that those of us who follow the virtues can help these strays find the right path back to Honor, Humility, Justice, Compassion, Sacrifice, Spirituality, Valor, and Honesty. My fear is that, as in the case of this false son, the unvirtuous will continue to plot ways to gratify their greed and lust. As such, we will need to be ready to meet each nefarious act blow for blow.