1998-03-12: Sage Seeks Solutions

Global Edition

Sage Seeks Solutions

Author: Rylthae Penston Published: March 12, 1998

Sage Humbolt made a request of the Britannian citizens last night. He requested their aide in the location of several items that he claims are absolutely vital for his research.

One of the items has only been spoken of in legend, the Bell of Courage.

It seems that these items, once safely stored in repositories across the land, had been scattered by either the Liche's, or their accomplices, in an effort to deprive the Sage of the tools he needed to ultimately defeat them.

It seems he now has all the items required for whatever the process is that he is researching. He studies are being conducted in Lord British's Castle, under the protection of the finest guards in the land.

The importance of this research is such that no expense has been spared in ensuring the safest environment possible for his continued work.

Even though Lord British himself made available the coffers of the royal treasury for the reward to be offered for the return of these items, Humbolt refused. He sacrficed not only his personal savings, but gave as reward an artifact that belonged to his family for many generations (see lead Story, “Sage Humbolt Gives Magic Weapons to Questors” for more details).

He commented that, “Such a sacrifice is naught compared to the dangers mine hand hath sent the brave and noble citizens of the realm to by requesting their assistance. Even now their actions may have marked them for retribution by these dark forces which have been gathering in secret against us. I only hope that my paltry reward can properly express the deep thanks in my heart for their actions...”

No comment was given as to the progress of his research or even what he has planned. When addressing the matter he only had this to say, “What I know, only I may know. May the Virtues keep us all in these times.”

Although the realm has not seen any indication of the Lathiari or Kyrnia's presence since the last incident in the south, the danger is great enough in the eyes of both constabulary and crown to warrant such drastic security measures.