1998-03-13: Organized Monster Attacks

Pacific Edition

Organized Monster Attacks

Author: Croncus Waller Published: March 13, 1998

A large horde of alligators appeared in the swamps between Britian, Vesper and Minoc last evening, spreading terror to those unfortunate enough to be caught in the swamps when they began to appear. Lone adventurers didn't stand much of a chance against the massive swarm of beasts and were forced to flee to a more strategic point from which to attempt to attack the alligators one by one.

The reason for this unexplained swarm is still unknown at this point, and the massive number of Britannian citizens that responded to the town crier's pleas for help soon dispatched the angry alligators with their swift swords and accurate arrows.

However, a few lizardmen were seen herding the alligators and encouraging them to attack the fighters of the land! This rare photo found exclusively in the Town Cryer shows a lizardman using his spear to prod the alligators into their deadly attack!

The attack was a blessing to the many skilled tailors in our land, though, as the large number of hides taken from the swarm proved quite profitable. As many know, alligators can be carved into meat and multiple hides that can then be fashioned into armor and clothing to be sold to shopkeepers or other adventurers.

However, all citizens of Britian are advised to keep an eye out for organized bands of monsters roaming the wilderness, as these hordes of creatures are far from normal. Fighters estimate slaying between thirty to fifty of the alligators last night, and many times one fighter would have to tackle up to five of the beasts on his own.

Keep up with the Town Cryer for the latest developments of these large attacks!