1998-03-14: Mage Finds The City Of Pirates To Be More A Den Of Lions

Great Lakes Edition

Mage Finds The City Of Pirates To Be More A Den Of Lions

Author: Genn Wintord Published: March 14, 1998

Buccaneer’s Den - - With an escort of trolls and UO:Ogres, a powerful and evil mage, Grunhhon, took refuge in Buccaneer’s Den. Feeling that he would be safe there to run a ring of thieves and assassins, he made his home in the Pirate’s Den. His army made itself at home in the other buildings and on the island in general. Any humans in the area were either killed or run off.

Heedless of the warnings many brave warriors and mages set sail for the pirate island. While the threat this mage posed was as mysterious as was he, the desire to quash the scoundrel was equal to the challenge. Many fought and died, but the larger loss was to the army of trolls and UO:Ogres.

When finally cornered without any of his monsters to help him, Grunhhon’s lieutenant, Bazerion, threw as much magic as he could at his attackers. Fires burned and lightning flashed as the battle wore on, but eventually the heroes got the best of Bazerion and Grunhhon. As his second in command died Grunhhon was heard to mutter, “Drat. This setback will delay things for much too long. I must find another way.” One can only wonder what this meant.

Many thanks to the virtuous warriors who, through Valor and Sacrifice, preserved Justice for another day!