1998-03-14: Pizza Delivery Comes To Britain

Pacific Edition

Pizza Delivery Comes To Britain

Author: Rathorus Dano Published: March 14, 1998

Employment appears to be on the rise in Britainnia. Master Chef Duncan of Britain put citizens to work yesterday evening, delivering pizzas to the hardworking guards of the land. “The guards in this land work hard," said Duncan, "and they don’t even get time off to enjoy a decent meal. That’s where I come in. I can bake them pizzas, but the demand has been so great that I need the help of the good citizens of Britainnia to get the finished product out the door and into the hands of the guards before it can get cold.” After baking the pizzas, Duncan puts them in the hands of the deliverer, who takes them to the guards and receives a small token. The token can be redeemed by Duncan back in the Good Eats Bakery , where the deliver receives their cut of 50 gold pieces.

Chef Duncan never dreamed he would grab so much interest. “I thought I would have maybe one or two people show up, but we had nearly a dozen come to the Good Eats Bakery only five minutes after I asked the town criers to announce my request for delivery persons. I couldn’t make the pizzas fast enough. I had deliverers standing around waiting for something to do! I may have to enlist the aid of some other chefs. I always have plenty of orders, but now that I know there are plenty of hard-working citizens looking for a job, I may have to step up production.”

The hardworking guards are always thankful for the food deliveries. “There’s not much time to rest as a guard," says Gerald the guard, "There always seems to be a light-fingered rouge that needs tending to nearby. We don’t get much chance to eat, so the deliveries from Duncan and his helpers are greatly appreciated.” That thankfulness was shown by all the guards, as the hot meals were delivered to them. The Britainnian citizens showed great concern for the guards as well. The deliverers know that a hot meal goes a long way on a cold night. From time to time, drop into Britain’s Good Eats Bakery and see if Duncan or some of the other Master Chefs are inside baking pizza. They might need a delivery, and there’s a bit of gold in it for the lucky deliverer.