1998-03-15: Creatures Target Warrior Congregation Spots

Pacific Edition

Creatures Target Warrior Congregation Spots

Author: Brother William Published: March 15, 1998

Popular citizen congregation spots may be less safe these days, as overwhelming numbers of powerful monsters of the land appear to be targeting those areas for attack. The Mines of Covetous was the site of one of the most recent attacks, as multiple Ogre lords descended upon the persons waiting just outside the entrance. The familiar warning cries of “Ogre Lord!” rang out from the unlucky citizens who discovered just how powerful their opponents were, as the first few blows from the Ogre lords came crashing down on them.

Many of the fighters in the area wondered at the sudden increase in monster population, but with the growing increase in monster intelligence, it is no surprise that the stronger and craftier monsters are starting to target these spots where citizens tend to gather in groups. The monsters seem to know that there will be plenty of gold, armor and weapons to add to their treasure hordes once they take it from the corpses of their many victims.

Many brave fighters charged headstrong into battle, seeking to destroy these foul beasts. As many know, it takes numerous warriors, archers, and mages working together to bring down the powerful Ogre lord. The strength of the Ogre lords is far above any strength level that a human might hope to achieve. Therefore, a single blow of an Ogre lord can often steal nearly half the life of an opponent. The Ogre lord can also often punch straight through almost any armor, and many times the protection of a reactive armor spell will crumble under the crushing strike.

We can only hope that these monsters will not start to learn where the citizens tend to lie in wait, and target these spots for their raids. Although the warriors were eventually victorious, many fighters met their ends at the hands of the Ogre lords. Soon the entrance to the Mines of Covetous was littered with corpses and the angry wailing of ghosts that had fallen to the mighty Ogre lord blows. One of the surviving fighters was heard to yell, “Those Ogre lords pack quite a punch!” as he temporarily fled to the shelter of the nearby woods to heal himself with a potion before returning into the battle. Most of the belongings of the fallen fighters was retrieved, but some corpses were looted of their belongings in the confusion of the monster raid. Citizens of Britainnia should be careful of staying in one location too long, lest the monster hordes begin to make frequent raids on those spots.

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