1998-03-15: Vesper Fishing Tournament Declared A Success

Napa Valley Edition

Vesper Fishing Tournament Declared A Success

Author: Gerolde Hayesmoone Published: March 15, 1998

The first ever Vesper Fishing Tournament took place at the East Side Vesper Docks this evening. While turnout was small, the rewards were great. A few Britainnian citizens even showed up just to watch, as the fast and furious fishers battled one another to be the one to pull the most fish from the Vesper seas. Waylon, Grandmaster Fisher of Vesper, sponsored the contest. The contest rules were simple. Contestants had to pull as many fish as they could from the seas in a 10 minutes timed period. When the time limit was up, Namor was declared the winner.

Prize money was given to the first, second and third place winners, with 500 gold pieces going to the winner and 100 gold pieces going to the second and third place winners.


1st Place, Namor (16 fish)
2nd Place, Kida (3 fish)
3rd Place, Odepeus (2 fish)

Namor, champion of the Vesper Fishing Tournament

In addition to the prize money, one of Namor’s trophy catches was mounted on the wall of The Majestic Boat shipwright shop in Vesper, along with a plaque proclaiming his great win. “Wow! I can’t wait to bring my guild members here to show them my catch,” was all the amazingly modest Namor could say, as he received congratulatory handshakes from his fellow contest fishers and event sponsor Waylon.

Feel free to drop by the shipwright shop to view Namor’s fine catch and maybe pick up a pole for yourself. “There’s nothing like a few cooked fish steaks to fill a hungry adventurer’s stomach," said Waylon the Grandmaster Fisher, "Fishing is a highly underrated trade in this land. That’s why I gave out my own gold and required no entry fees. I figure if I can rouse interest in the fine art of fishing, it will be good for the fishing community as a whole.” As for plans for the next Vesper Fishing Tournament, Waylon would give no specific dates. He says he will alert the town criers before the next exciting fishing challenge begins.