1998-03-16: Pirates Sell Buccaneer’s Den?

Atlantic Edition

Pirates Sell Buccaneer’s Den?

Author: Megwell Published: March 16, 1998

It would seem that a sorted lot of quick thinking Pirates agreed to sell Buccaneer’s Den (Which they cannot do) to the Orcs. I fear the pirates were negotiating for their lives and tricked the Orcs into thinking they now own the Island of Buccaneer’s Den. The Pirates were have said to been killed by the Orcs anyway and the Orcs took over the Island. Buildings burned, as the cries of the townsfolk could be heard from all corners of the island.

Towncryers called out for the people of Britannia to aid this city of cut throats in ridding it of it’s newly unwelcome guests. The battle lasted for days as the Orcs angrily fought for their land that they now thought they owned. The warriors were victorious, for now…

Being that the Orcs think they own the Island. I am sure we have not seen the last of them on Buccaneer’s Den. Until an agreement can be made with the Orcs or the Deed of Sale for the Island can be destroyed, I fear the Orcs will take many a life in protecting their newly found fort.

Fires still burn in Buccaneer’s Den, and will until this matter is resolved.