1998-03-19: Buccaneer’s Den Free Once More

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Atlantic Edition

Buccaneer’s Den Free Once More

Author: Dertyi Published: March 19, 1998

The Orc Chief Mogcha was escorted to Britain this day to barter for the ownership of the false Deed to Buccaneer’s Den. One of Lord British’s aids named Talbot met Mogcha and the crowd that followed him at the gate to Lord British’s Castle. Mogcha, then was escorted to one of many meeting rooms in the Castle and the talks began. As the talks took place, the people of Britannia got word that the deed was not in Mogcha’s possession and was somewhere on Buccaneer’s Den. With the Deed in the hands of the people, Mogcha would have no claim on the Island and be forced to leave.

The talks did not fair well, from what I understand. Mogcha wanted Lord British to hand over his entire coffers of gold. Talbot knew this was not possible so he stalled Mogcha until the deed could be found.

Many a Warrior fought bravely and hoped to find the deed to free Buccaneer’s Den from this horror. The Deed was recovered and brought to Talbot. Thank thee Phisherman for returning the deed. Talbot in new spirits went to Mogcha stating there would be no deal. Talbot showed Mogcha that we truly had the deed and he had no claim to the Island. Mogcha was so enraged he attacked Talbot. This in turn brought forth the Order Guards who dispatched of Mogcha for his evil and vile ways.

The Deed was destroyed and the Orc Standards were hacked down on Buccaneer’s Den. The island again is back to it’s own normal cutthroat ways.