1998-03-20: And What About That Amulet

Global Edition

And What About That Amulet?

Author: Jasper McCarrin Published: March 20, 1998

Trinsic – Upon traveling to Trinsic today, I heard a town crier speak of a man in need of some information. While normally I tend to avoid the role of “hero,” this particular adventure sounded a bit more to my liking. So I headed over to the Paladin’s Hall to see what was about. A small crowd was there, but they seemed to be dispersing. Most were casting a travel spell. The man they had been gathered around was Finth Desryn who I eventually learned is the Captain of the Guard in Trinsic. This was the man who had wanted the help.

Upon greeting him, I noticed that his face was worn and tired looking. I asked Finth what I could do for him, and he told me that he needed information concerning an amulet. The amulet in question had been stolen from some prefects by Juo’nar who had killed the priests at the Shrine of Sacrifice. I remembered hearing about those murders. At the exact same moment, a huge band of trolls had attacked Vesper from the north. I know a man who is a monk and who was in Trinsic as all of this took place. I had feared for his safety at the time, but was soon relayed the message that my friend was safe.

Well, after talking to Finth Desryn a bit longer, I discovered that Juo’nar was also responsible for the death of Finth’s wife. A most gruesome death at that. I asked Finth what he intended to do, and he said that he needed to know about the amulet before he made any other plans. I sensed a bit of fear in Finth when talking about Juo’nar, but perhaps it was only anger. Hmmm… I’m not sure. Regardless, Finth told me that considering the lengths to which Juo’nar went to obtain the amulet, it must hold significant power or be of great worth. This is what Finth hoped to ascertain.

Upon Finth’s suggestion, I headed to Britain to speak with Sage Humbolt. Sage Humbolt is well known and has been instrumental in thwarting the schemes of the two liches, Lathiari and Kyrnia. I personally, know little about those two except that they were responsible for the increase of undead in the land of late. Especially zombies, the most foul of creatures. Just thinking of them makes me shake uncontrollably. I found the sage in the library and proceeded to ask him about Juo’nar. I suppose that he was preoccupied with his research, because he seemed to ignore most of my questions. But I did find out that I should speak with Brother Olic of the Empath Abbey monks.

So it was off to Yew. Naturally, I stopped a few times for some wine along the way. Who could visit the monks of the Abbey without tasting some of their wine? Though to be honest, by the time I reached the Abbey itself, I was no longer in need of any more wine. *Smile*.

Brother Olic sent me to Vesper to speak with a jeweler there, one Grunthal Durn. Though I call Vesper home, I had never heard of this jeweler. In my defense, I must say that I don’t frequent jewelry shops, and I dare say that Grunthal did not appear the type to spend much time in any of the taverns in which I wile away the hours. Grunthal seemed a nervous man. He twitched and seemed to want to pace as we talked. Many others had been asking him the same questions as I, and Grunthal seemed to be weary of the whole thing. But he told me of a gypsy in a cave to the west. As I left, I thought I heard Grunthal say that he needed a vacation. I went back in and told him to visit the zoo in Moonglow. I hear it is much improved, though I still need to see that for myself.

I left Vesper and wandered the forest for a few minutes before heading to the mountains. The trees and flowers are simply too beautiful this time of year to rush by without admiring them. While standing there taking in the scenery, some ruffian attacked me from behind. I heard muffled words of magic and was then engulfed in flames. Needless to say I was none too happy about this, so I did the only thing I could in such a situation... I turned tail and ran. I managed to get away, but was now lost in the forest. A forest that was suddenly dark and threatening instead of green and beautiful. Luckily there were plenty of houses to use as landmarks, and I found my way back to the road.

Tired and burnt, I no longer had the stomach for adventure. In addition, so much time had passed that Finth had probably already gained possession of whatever information he had been hoping to receive. I limped back to Trinsic thinking that if I only had some magic ability, I would already be there. Or if I could only tame a horse I could ride. Ah, well… walking is good for the soul... it’s just hard on the feet.

Once back in Trinsic, I went straight to the Paladin’s Hall. On my way I passed a town crier who said that Finth had received a tome that described the amulet is great detail, though not exactly easy to interpret detail. Upon hearing this news, I changed my course and wandered into the Keg and Anchor tavern for an ale or two. I intend to stay here and move as little as possible for the next few days. Any moaning you notice in that part of Trinsic is likely me. Come buy me an ale and tell me of thy adventures.