1998-03-22: Seer Sea Sight-Seeing Journey Spots Rare Britannian Wildlife

Lake Superior Edition

Seer Sea Sight-Seeing Journey Spots Rare Britainnian Wildlife

Author: Terkel Matros Published: March 22, 1998

For those who like to travel, Britainnia can be an interesting and beautiful place. With land stretching so far and wide, and the great number of interesting sights and creatures, there seems to be no end to the new discoveries one can make.

One of Britainnia’s seers decided to bring some of that beauty to other citizens yesterday. “Traveling has always been one of my favorite things to do," says Seer Maverick, "and I wanted to share the sights of the beautiful creatures of the sea with the great people of our land.” Seer Maverick organized a boat outing that departed from the Britain docks with stops at the dwellings of some of Britainnia’s sea creatures.

The first creature sighting was a group of walruses. The sight of so many of the large and powerful creatures brought gasps of amazement from the travelers. “Its not often that you see so many walruses together in one spot," said Seer Maverick, "The other seers told me that the seas around Britain and Trinsic are sometimes filled with the giant beasts. They gave me some maps to the best spotting sites.”

The water travelers were even witnesses to a fight between two male walruses. “Tis terrible,” one cried, as the fight over territory and the right to lead the herd raged on.

“Sometimes nature can be cruel," said Seer Maverick, "but usually you only see the evil creatures of the land battling one another. I have seen a lizardman slay many of the more peaceful creatures looking for food, but one usually doesn’t see the walruses engaged in bloody combat.”

Said Seer Maverick, “It was a rare glimpse into the world of the walrus, but was a bit unsettling to see such amazingly beautiful and powerful animals rip into one another with such fury.”

From the territory of the walruses, the sea journey moved on into an area filled with the lovely and acrobatic dolphins. The boat was again filled with gasps and grins from the onlookers as the playful dolphins showed off for the sea party.

As seen in this amazing image captured by the Town Cryer, the dolphins occasionally leap out of the water and into the air for a somersault before they come crashing back into the waves. When lucky enough to spot them, sea travelers also get to hear the dolphin’s high-pitched clicking cry.

The final stop on the sea tour was in the midst of a group of moderately dangerous giant sea serpents. The dark skinned creatures are easily the length of a large ship or longer, and they twisted and turned in the water below as the party looked on. Then, as the travelers watched, two of the giant serpents began to fight each other. “The sea serpents are of evil alignment", said Seer Maverick, "and they will occasionally attack each other, or humans passing by in boats.”

The boating party quickly shot a barrage of arrows into the fight, and one of the serpents turned on the archer that launched the missiles. “I was afraid we might lose someone in our party," said Seer Maverick, "but the serpents were no match for the blades and arrow fire from our group.” The travelers were victorious, and both fighting serpents were slain.

From there, the journey turned back to the Britain harbor and docked for the night. Said Seer Maverick, “It was a fine trip for us all. I hope that I can find another group in the future that enjoys the sea travel as much as my traveling companions enjoyed it on this day.”