1998-03-23: Trolls Attack Orc Fort

Chesapeake Edition

Trolls Attack Orc Fort

Author: Yetru Published: March 23, 1998

I’ve heard of the dislike between Orcs and Trolls, but today I have seen it first hand. I entered the Orc fort near Cove with my usual zest and spirit for battle. When I heard the familiar grunt and growl of several Trolls. I hid behind some trash so I would not be seen by either of the groups. The battle began, the Orcs enraged bye the sight of a mortal enemy let loose the bloodlust. Four to five Orcs jumped on to each of the Trolls that entered the fort. I covered mine ears, for the roars were deafening. It looked as though the Trolls had the upper hand, due to strength and size, as I watched Orcs fall. I then heard the sound of swords and shields clanging in battle. I knew then that the army of human warriors had arrived. The warriors cut clean through the Trolls and started to attack the orcs. When to their surprise, A legion of orc reinforcements rushed the Fort. Warriors were cut down left and right, as the orcs Lust for battle grew. Luckily the mages on our side had more experience than the Orcs and the tide of the battle turned in our favor.

The Orcs and Trolls lay dead. The warriors gathered the wounded and escorted them to the healers. Many a tale will be sung of this battle. ’Tis the largest gathering of Monsters this warrior has ever seen in his short life.