1998-03-24: Ruins North Of Skara Brae Are Full Of Spiders!

Chesapeake Edition

Ruins North Of Skara Brae Are Full Of Spiders!

Author: Merlan Parkings Published: March 24, 1998

Skara Brae - - It bothers me to see something like this. When animals are used for the purposes of evil, even dangerous animals like the giant spider, indigenous to the land of Britainnia, it causes me great distress.

Whomever this Evil Lord Bishop is, he needs to learn that animals are not his for the commanding. Sure, everyone has tamed an animal or two, many times to the betterment of that animals life, but this has nothing to do with bettering the spiders lives. This has to do with power and greed and murder.

Lord Bishop found or created something called the Crimson Spider God Statue. Apparently this artifact allowed him to summon the giant spiders from wherever they happened to be in the world. He then used them for his own evil purposes.

He forced the spiders to kill at least one wandering healer, and then had them attack bears, panthers, dogs, pigs, and any other animal he could find nearby. In almost every case the spiders seemed to react to his bidding with an almost unnatural fluidity of motion. As though they were mesmerized into his service by powers unseen in this land.

Unfortunately for Lord Bishop, a group of almost a dozen warriors soon arrived and began hacking the helpless spiders out of their misery. Of course the spiders all died, but even death should be preferable to working for evil without your own conscious decision. One of the warriors even managed to grab the statue that Lord Bishop put so much time and effort into setting in just the right spot in the ruins. But alas, it disappeared from his pack before he had gone even a hundred yards, and was not seen again on this day. Lord Bishop himself also seemed to disappear soon after the trouble arrived. Where he has gone to, and whether or not he has the statue are both unknown at this time.