1998-03-24: Trinsic Jail Gets A New Resident

Great Lakes Edition

Trinsic Jail Gets A New Resident

Author: Caitlin Elopidat Published: March 24, 1998

Trinsic - The Trinsic jail is not someplace you would want to spend a lot of time. It signals the end of normal life as you know it. And the beginning of a long term of rotting in a dank, musty cell, all alone. The guards don’t even spend much time in there. There hasn’t been a reason to for awhile. Now there is again.

The prison has gotten it’s first inmate in quite some time. A thief named Mikos, his sandy blond hair contrasting deeply with the black clothes he wears, has been arrested and placed indefinately in the Trinsic jail. Officials say they won’t release him until he divulges information about what he did with the jewels he stole, some 8,000 gold crowns worth of diamonds.

According to Mikos, he never saw the diamonds. He says he was totally innocent, walking around in Trinsic, when suddenly someone spotted him and recognized him as the thief who’d stolen the diamonds in Moonglow some time before.

“It’s all in how I look." Mikos said. "Everyone thinks I’m some kind of criminal. But it just ain’t so.”

No date has been set for the trial, but Mikos doesn’t seem too worried about it. “They’ll never let me out of here. They’ve got it in their heads that I’m some kind of criminal. I’ll die in this stinking cell. But I’ll never admit I stole anything.”