1998-03-25: The Harpy Hen

Napa Valley Edition

The Harpy Hen

Author: Genn Wintord Published: March 25, 1998

Ocllo - More harpies were seen in Ocllo today. And in even greater numbers than before. A possible reason for this became apparent when it was discovered that a harpy hen had formed a nest on the west coast of the island.

After much bloody battle with the foul pseudo-birds, it became obvious that their numbers would not decrease while the hen lived. Even though harpy corpses litter the isle, many more came to take their place. The search for the nest and the harpy hen became the focus of all.

When found, the harpy hen was seen to be a solid color - a color similar to the feathers of a harpy, but all over her body instead of merely the feathers. She put up a fierce fight, using magic, which surprised many of the warriors. Many fell to her before any had even had time to realize how strong she was. The effort to defeat the hen would demand the actions of many to become as one. Working in this way, the harpy hen was finally laid low. And as suspected, with her fall the number of harpies started to dwindle rapidly. A final assault managed to rid the island of them completely. The nest remains, but even it will be put to the torch when time allows.