1998-03-26: Gargoyles At The Shrine Of Sacrifice

Great Lakes Edition

Gargoyles At The Shrine Of Sacrifice

Author: Genn Wintord Published: March 26, 1998

Gargoyles were found at the Shrine Of Sacrifice. They were not attacking the shrine, which came as a surprise to many. Some gargoyles even seemed to be examining the shrine in great detail. Others were just milling around in the general area.

Even though not actively causing trouble, gargoyles are not good news for the people of the land. With this in mind many warriors headed to the shrine to rid it of the gargoyles. Many a brave fighter and mage sacrificed their life in defense of the shrine.

In the end, no information as to what the gargoyles were doing there surfaced. If they were after something, there is no way at this point to know what it was. And as they are no longer a threat, there is no reason to dwell on such things. Thanks to all who sacrificed all in this pursuit.