1998-03-26: Strange Monster Pair Makes Trouble Near Vesper

Atlantic Edition

Strange Monster Pair Makes Trouble Near Vesper

Author: Caitlin Elopidat Published: March 26, 1998

There is an old human settlement just East of Vesper. A group of log cabin homes that were once used by lumberjacks and carpenters before they migrated West to the city of Vesper. Those cabins still stand out there in the wilderness. They seem somewhat spooky sometimes, just sitting there all alone, abandoned. Sometimes evil comes calling there.

A band of headless, led by what now seems to be two headless mages, set up camp there and made life miserable for all those traveling nearby. The headless mages, with bright indigo skin, cast spells and ran from the humans who ventured near, while the other headless plowed into them obliviously. Anyone who has ever fought headless in the dungeons can tell you that this is there normal mode of attack. But none I have found have ever seen a headless mage.

The nightmare didn’t end there though. Soon the two mages died and victory was won for the men and women present. But it was a shortlived celebration, for from the depths of the forest came the strange wailings of the gazer. Soon the encampment was again overrun, this time by the floating, spellcasting beasts that we know as gazers.

They make a strange combination, the floating disembodied gazer and the nothing-but-bodied headless. Perhaps this was mere coincidence. A chance meeting of two hordes of monsters in the wilderness. Perhaps they would have destroyed each other if not for the actions of those who arrived to destroy the headless at the cry of the town criers. Perhaps there is an unknown war going on between the two races.

Or, more frighteningly, perhaps the two have forged an alliance. Is it not possible? The orcs and ettins seem to have done well by their alliance. The stronger ettins leading the more numerous orcs into battle. Maybe this is just the first in what may be a series of bloody attacks on the communities of Britannia. Perhaps we should tread more cautiously in the presence of the “weak” headless. They may have found some new friends.