1998-03-28: Combat Can Really Stink

Global Edition

Combat Can Really Stink

Author: Yojaan Merroot Published: March 28, 1998

So come one, come all. Wash way the stench of battle with a brand new fragrance. Whether victor or victim, everyone hath a time when the aromas of Britannia just wilt not go away. Even hanging out in the royal stables cannot mask the foul retch that comes from wearing the same plate mail and robe for days or even weeks without end. And with the countless battles and fights that take place in such a period, the rancid stench can achieve monumental stature. But fret no longer. With this new fragrance, ye need not fear an orc turning his nose up at thee in disgust ever again. Never again shall ye be mistaken as a troll (no offense to the trolls out there). Supplies limited; act now.