1998-03-28: Thief Robs The Traveller’s Inn

Great Lakes Edition

Thief Robs The Traveller’s Inn

Author: Genn Wintord Published: March 28, 1998

Trinsic – Crime continues unabated in Britainnia. Today a thief stole a strongbox with the weeks earnings from the Traveler’s Inn in Trinsic. The amount of gold in the box was undisclosed, but the innkeeper, Junno, said that it represented quite a significant sum. He offered a reward for the return of the box with the thief… well, alive or not.

The thief, a petty thug named Ditrenes, led his pursuers on a wild chase through the jungles to the south of Trinsic. He was hit by the occasional spell but managed to hide and elude capture. Eventually, though, the circle closed and Ditrenes fell.

The wily thief made attempt after attempt to persuade his captors to let him go and they could split the gold in the box. But, with honor and honesty, they refused and returned to Trinsic with the strongbox. Junno paid the reward gladly, which prompted one adventurer to ask how much gold was in the box. “We, uh, couldn’t get it open. Heh,” he said. Junno just smiled and hurried to the bank to deposit the gold.