1998-03-30: New Orc Fort Destroyed

Atlantic Edition

New Orc Fort Destroyed

Author: Barraon Published: March 30, 1998

The Orcs Chief Mogcha being killed and the Deed to Buccaneer’s Den taken from the Orcs, has driven these semi-intelligent creatures to an angered frenzy. The population of Orcs has been rapidly growing of the last several years and space for these hostile creatures is becoming smaller and smaller. A new fort is the only logical answer...Well, to the Orcs anyway.

Cryers cried out on this day warning of the building of a new Orc Fort. The fort was being built around the cave in the Valley of Dungeon Wrong. This area would give the Orcs plenty of space to grow and breed. ’Tis something we do not want. Warriors and Mage alike took to the field of battle. The Orcs were caught off balance, for their efforts were on the task of finishing their new home. The warriors struck the first blows, driving the Orcs backward for a short time. The Orcs regrouped and pressed back, taking the life of many a experienced warrior. The battle raged for two days, neither side giving way to the other. The Warriors with numbers in the hundreds surged one last time. Breaking the line of the Orcs and taking the fort.

The Guild of Carpenters sent their best guild master to tear down the structure and allow the valley to rest once more. I fear that the death of Mogcha will be the fire that burns in the hearts of the Orcs for Years to come.