1998-04-03: Horse Racing Comes To Britannia

Napa Valley Edition

Horse Racing Comes To Britainnia

Author: Shumarkus Billaal Published: April 3, 1998

Willio the farmboy is at it again in the Britain farms... but this time its to bring the sport of horse racing to Britainnia. People who frequent the farmlands on the west side of the city of Britain couldn’t help but notice the brand new racing track built on the croplands.

You might remember that Willio the farmboy was removed from his job as farmhand by his boss, Duane the farmer, after Willio went on a cow-tipping spree, waking his boss and scaring Farmer Duane’s bulls and cows half to death.

“Farmer Duane and I have had our differences," said Willio, "but we have now reached a business agreement that should be profitable to both of us. Our horse racing arena will be open from time to time when we can get away from our farming duties to run it.”

The rules are fairly simple. The races are open to anyone, and you don’t even have to have a horse to participate. “We keep a few horses ready to ride in the pen with us," said Willio, "just for those people who haven’t had the chance to get one for themselves yet. However, I did have some people trying to tame my horses," said Willio with a chuckle, "little did they know that it takes even higher than a grandmaster animal tamer to do it. Trust me, my horses are very secure.”

Willio gives even odds on all of the races, and is limiting the number of contestants to two per race for the time being. “I’m trying to keep it simple to start out. Just two people racing with simple odds. You bet 500 gold pieces and win... you get 1000 gold pieces back. But no matter how much you bet, I think we all know what happens if your bet is placed on the horse that finishes last.”

Keep your eye on the town criers in most of the major cities for news of when the races will run. The races are still a part-time job for Willio and he has to run them after the farm chores are done.

Said Willio, “Through methods that are hard to explain, I am able to travel between the shards, and hope to bring horse racing to as many people as I can. However some people have built houses on the croplands making it hard to put up my fences for the track. We’ll have to look at some alternate places. I want as many people as possible to experience that special thrill you get when your horse races across the finish line to an amazing victory.”