1998-04-05: The Arena...

Napa Valley Edition

The Arena...

Author: Kyltra Published: April 5, 1998

’Tis not very often that Lord Marshall the Arena Master comes to town, but when he does, ’tis always a good show of Honor and Valor amongst fellow fighters. Lord Marshall believes in a fair fight. If you step into the Arena, you put your life into your hands. The fights are always to the death, yours or the Monsters. There is never outside interference, if there is, the fight is forfeit to the monster. Hiding is not allowed. A true warrior does not hide from his fate.

I was pleased to see that Marshall is now allowing multiple fighters in the Arena at once, of coarse this means that the monsters will be harder or more in number. Lord Marshall has the ability to (Call) any creature that he wishes. He then trains the creatures in the ways of fighting, so they can be a more deadly opponent. If you survive the test of strength and honor, Marshall rewards the victor with a hearty prize.

If you ever hear the Cryers yelling about Marshall the Arena Master, listen... ’Tis a right good show.