1998-04-06: First Annual House-Decorating Contest

Atlantic Edition

First Annual House-Decorating Contest

Author: Huwert The Guild Master Published: April 6, 1998

The First Annual House Decorating Contest was held today in the hot sands of the desert near the crossroads of Britain/yew/vesper. ’Twas so hot I passed out a few times during the competition. Lord British, who so kindly bought the houses and all the wood for the event, sponsored the Event. Lord British also put forth the prize money for all the contestants.

For a short time I felt as if no one would show, all my preparation would be for naught. The Cryers yelled of the event, and yet none came. Finally after quite a wait in the heat of the day, a few carpenters showed up. Several left to get their friends. Two teams of three were formed and the contest began. The participants had twenty minutes to build all the furniture and then decorate a tow story house, one house per team. The carpenter’s tools moved with blinding speed, as the runners grabbed the furniture and placed it in the houses. Items of decoration were given to the teams for added effect. Unfortunately during one of my fainting spells, the teams were attacked by a band of wandering killers, but defended themselves.

The time ran out and the houses were inspected, both houses were fit for kings to live. One house had a lovely window seating arrangement, while the other had a beautiful sitting room with a quite desk to read at. Only one could win... ’Twas a tough choice on my part, but I picked the winning team.

Congratulations to the team of Lady Illutia Klein, Priest and Ozzy for winning the first Annual House Decorating Contest. A fine showing for the team of Lord Burnt, LLs and Dread Lord Rainman for coming in a close second.

I engraved the Vase trophies for the both of the teams and passed the gold prize to all. The Houses were then stripped of all the furnishings and locked until the time of the second annual house-decorating event.

’Twas a Good time had by all. Perhaps next time we will draw a larger crowd... Farewell to all!!