1998-04-06: Orcs Attempt To Launch Major Offensive On Skara Brae

Great Lakes Edition

Orcs Attempt To Launch Major Offensive On Skara Brae

Author: Tyger Dratsum Published: April 6, 1998

Skara Brae - - It is the fact that Skara Brae sits quietly off the coast of the mainland that makes it such a good military target. The city is not frequented by those who call themselves warriors, for it is a peaceful quiet place, and not the violent home that most warriors seek.

It has a proximity to the mainland that makes it attractive to enemies though. A jumping off point for making superior attacks against larger targets like Trinsic or Britain. The orcs have now decided that the time for an offensive has come, and they began by trying to take Skara Brae.

Actually, it was a small uninhabited island, just NorthWest of Skara Brae that the orcs tried to take. It is the opinion of the Warrior’s guild that they were hoping to use it as a staging ground for an uninhibited attack against the bulk of the Skara Brae island.

With Skara Brae under their thumb, they could then launch bigger, better organized, easily supplied attacks on more major targets such as the shrines or the larger cities.

Fortunately they were repelled. A large number of warriors heeded the calls of the good people and straight away made the orcs turn back their tide. The only casualty was a small cargo ship that was sunk by the orcan horde just off the Northern coast of the isle.

We should take care now that this island is guarded by some of UO:Lord Britishes best and brightest. The orcs have turned to devious strategy now that their full on frontal attacks are failing. We should counter with our own intelligent actions.