1998-04-06: The Rat Lord Makes An Appearance In Britain

Atlantic Edition

The Rat Lord Makes An Appearance In Britain

Author: Caitlin Elopidat Published: April 6, 1998

Britain - - It usually takes a lot of work to get noticed in Britain. It’s a large city, and therefore, most people don’t pay too much attention to one another. People have been known to die in the middle of town with barely a second glance.

That’s why the Rat Lord was doubly interesting. Not only was he interesting in his own right, with his black robe and cape, a black mask, and a bag full of squirming little rats, but he was also an attention getter.

He drew the attention of several onlookers with his antics. These consisted mostly of stopping where he was standing, opening a large black bag seething with rats, dropping a few, then walking on. Occasionally he also stopped to shake his robe as he let one of the little beasts crawl down his leg and into the street.

People were shocked, confused, and amazed. Many wanted to tag along to see what he was doing. Some offered to help. Others threatened him. No one ignored him. A sure sign that you’ve made an impression in Britain.

Those who did manage to speak with him say he made many cryptic remarks about the world belonging to rats, since no human could uphold the virtues. He said that rats were intelligent and made no pretense of being a friendly society. Humans, he claimed, act as though they’re civilized, then kill and scavenge whenever the oppurtunity presents itself.

No one knows who he was or where he came from. Perhaps he’ll make a return appearance and we can learn more about this mysterious man who calls himself ’The Rat Lord’.