1998-04-11: Virtue Shrine Trips Made Available To All Britannians

Pacific Edition

Virtue Shrine Trips Made Available To All Britainnians

Author: Peliou Maak Published: April 11, 1998

Britainnian citizens got a unique travel opportunity this past eve, as passageways to the eight shrines of the virtues were made available to adventurers. [[UO:Seer Maverick]] sponsored the event, and says it is just part of his continuing effort to get people to see all the wondrous sights of our world.

“There are so many things to see in Britainnia," said [[UO:Seer Maverick]], "but many don’t take the time to get out and about. They don’t go exploring, and I have found it to be one of the most thrilling things to do these days. I have long since retired from the dungeons and the fighting and the politics of the land. I find myself to be quite content just wandering around on foot and sailing my boat to see what I can see.”

So [[UO:Seer Maverick]] says he used some ancient wisdom and magic to call forth white moongates at the base of the virtue platforms in Britain’s Chamber of Virtue. The gates remained open for many minutes giving anyone who wished it a quick trip to visit all of the shrines.

“I hope this doesn’t take away from all the wonderful travelers who have made the journey to the shrines on their own. In fact, I know many, including myself, who make a regular practice of making journeys to all of the shrines by land and by sea. I try to venture out to each shrine at least once a month. There is nothing like the peace and quiet one can obtain by making regular trips to the shrines. I am always rendered speechless when I gaze upon them and their startling beauty.”

“However, I realize that not everyone will take the time to pursue a trip to visit the shrines of all the virtues, so at least I wanted to make people aware that they were there. I hope that this awareness will make people want to know more about the virtues and how by striving to follow them, one can touch the lives of so many others in this land in a wonderful way.”

In fact, many did begin to talk about the virtues as well as other Britainnian issues such as Lord British’s Order versus Lord Blackthorn’s Chaos. “Yes, many spirited debates arose around the chamber tonight," said [[UO:Seer Maverick]], "which is very, very good. I retired long ago from taking part in the debates myself, but was good to see so many taking an interest in our world. That is exactly what I hoped would happen. In does mine heart so well to see people who know and love Britainnia, and have great passion for it.”