1998-04-14: Britain Cook-Off Pits Top Chefs In Fiery Competition

Chesapeake Edition

Britain Cook-Off Pits Top Chefs In Fiery Competition

Author: Childos Jullyus Published: April 14, 1998

Cooks from around the land met in Britain last eve for a grand cook-off. The event was sponsored by the Britannia Society of Cooks and Chefs to promote an interest in the art of cooking.

“Cooking can be such and underrated skill", said Lenard the chef guildmaster, "Even the adventurers that venture deep into the dungeons know that one recovers their strength and dexterity much faster on a full stomach. Also, although many find it slightly distasteful, one can carve meat from most of the monsters that they slay. However, it takes careful slow roasting over a campfire or stove before that meat is ready to eat by a human. One can’t just shove raw meat into a fire and expect it not to burn. It takes high skill in the art of cooking to turn the raw meat into something tasty.”

The town criers put out the call for all chefs to come to Britain’s Good Eats Bakery located in the upper western side of the city. The contest rules were simple. The contestants were handed a bag of 50 pieces of raw meat. Three or four cooks were allowed to compete at one time. The chefs then attempted to successfully cook as many of the pieces of meat as they could. The winner was the chef that returned the highest number of cooked items.

The response to the call for chefs was so great that three different rounds were held. Then, the champion chefs challenged one another to a super cook-off, pitting the best of the best against one another. The three champions of the individual rounds were J’gan Tathi, Duncan and Naltos (pictured below). J’gan Tathi won the super cook-off, turning in 47 out of 50 successfully cooked items.

Prizes for the chefs were 500 gold pieces for the first place winner, 300 gold pieces for the second place winner, and 200 gold pieces for the third place winner. Each contestant also received a colored sash with his or her name inscribed on it for participating in the contest.

Britain’s three cook-off competition winning chefs wearing their first place blue sashes (shown from left to right): J’gan Tathi, Duncan and Naltos