1998-04-15: Soulette The Dark, Revisited

Lake Superior Edition

Soulette The Dark, Revisited

Author: Guntrel Published: April 15, 1998

We have more information on Soulette The Dark. Her home was found this day, or should I say the house of her dead mother Myrid the Druid. Myrid was a Very powerful Druid, but a loving and law abiding citizen. Her power is shown by the hedge that still Grows in beautiful patterns around the house. As the Warriors arrives to the Hedge that surrounded the house they were attacked by a group of KnightMages. These Very powerful mages wield magic and Axe at the same time, making them a most deadly foe. Many lives were lost at the hands of theses KnightMages. As the carnage took place around the house, Soulette appeared and encouraged her hired KnightMages to Kill those who disturbed her home. Soulette was attacked by many, but took no damage from any attack, magical or mundane. Some even say she ripped the life breath straight from the heart of a Summoned daemon with a touch and a word. How can we defeat one with such power??

As the last KnightMage fell, the warriors entered the house.. Broken down furniture, reagents, vials of odd substances, a torture post with fresh blood still clinging to the chains and a parchment of escape, met the warriors with a cold chill. A journal was also found which told minor details of why Soulette the Dark went down this path. The escape note was in a different writing that The Journal, Who did Soulette have captive?? Where did they escape to?? We shall keep a keen eye for any clue, which leads to this question.

I know now we have not seen the last of Soulette The Dark and I fear the Deaths will be many in finding out all the answers. Thanks goes out to thee all who relayed this information to myself so I may write of it here.