1998-04-18: Walking Plant-Life Attacks Near Trinsic

Sonoma Edition

Walking Plant-Life Attacks Near Trinsic

Author: Bildos March Published: April 18, 1998

Sometimes nature brings very strange sights to Britannia. This was the case yesterday, as a large group of corpsers attacked just outside the city of Trinsic on the main road leading into the town. Corpsers are usually stationary plant-like creatures that only attack those who stand close enough to them to be attacked. Some form of evil enchantment must have been cast on the group of corpsers that attacked Trinsic yesterday eve, though, as every single one of the leafy beasts had somehow uprooted themselves and were chasing Britannian citizens! The corpser, in general, is not too powerful a monster, but when moving and swarming warriors in groups of half a dozen or more, they can be quite a pesky nuisance.

"I didn't quite know what to think," said one warrior who answered the town criers pleas to rid the travelways of the moving corpsers, "I came upon a corpser or two, and brought out my sword to slay them thinking that this would prove not difficult at all. However, as I fought, I stopped paying attention to my surroundings. After I killed my first corpser, I noticed that there were many more around me, and even more than that closing in fast. By goodness, that scared the life out of me. I ain't never seen a moving corpser before. That scared me so bad I had to run away for a bit to figure out a new plan of attack."

The corpsers didn't remain long, and when a large enough group of warriors arrived, the corpsers were slain in no time at all. However, one or two unwary fighters lost their lives to the moving beasts, as they charged into the battle and were quickly surrounded by the roaming corpsers and had nowhere to flee the fight.

The Town Cryer knows of no evil magic that can free the normally non-moving beasts, but our staff members have pledged to continue researching night and day until we can find information about these strange moving beasts.