1998-04-23: Sage Humbolt Dies

Global Edition

Sage Humbolt Dies

Author: Caitlin Elopidat Published: April 23, 1998

Britain - The people came in droves to help the land and the man who had defended it for so long, dedicating his life to ridding it of the evil Liches, Lathiari and Kyrnia. They came because he called. Because he believed. Because that helped them to believe too.

Sage Humbolt was a humble man. And it can't be denied that he was a follower of the virtues if ever there was one. Men such as this don't die in their beds, coughing and wheezing as age tears them apart from the inside. It is only fair that a man like this should die as he lived, in glory.

And he did. Rumors say that he knew his death was imminent. Should he have failed, that would have been assured. The Liches would have gladly ripped this man limb from limb should he have failed to destroy them. And probably everyone with him. But he could not let that happen. A man such as Humbolt would have found a way to save all with him, even if it meant his own sacrifice.

But of course, that's what he did anyway. He sacrificed himself for the land. For the people. For the ideals of the virtues. Everything that he held sacred. Remember this when you remember him. That he believed.