1998-04-27: Vesper Under Siege - Troll Attacks Increase

Global Edition

Vesper Under Siege - Troll Attacks Increase

Author: Paarin Martous Published: April 27, 1998

An alarming increase in attacks on Vesper has been reported this past week. The attackers have been large hordes of trolls... sometimes having ogres or other dangerous beats as their fighting partners. The Vesper guards have not been able to come up with an explanation for these increased attacks, but the increase has meant quite an increase in guard shifts as well.

“Aye! We are working quite a lot of overtime these days," said Horace the guard, "Trying to keep these trolls out of the city has become a full time job. I know not why these attacks have become so much more frequent. We are still managing to keep them out of the city limits, but they are coming dangerously close to getting in.”

The attacks have mostly centered on the roads in and out of the city. It seems the trolls are trying to choke off the city by closing down the passageways to and from the town. When the trolls are spotted, the town criers located around the world begin to shout out a cry for help.

Many brave adventurers always answer the call, and rush to do battle with the invading monsters. This image obtained by the Town Cryer shows the huge battle scene packed with both human fighters and the giant trolls.

These most recent attacks have seemed to center around the road leading west from Vesper toward Britain, as well as the road that leads north out of the city past Vesper's graveyard.

The Town Cryer will be keeping watch over this situation and will report on any new developments. Keep reading!