1998-05-18: Treasure Hunt

Pacific Edition

Treasure Hunt

Author: Marla Published: May 18, 1998

An Old Weathered parchment washed up on shore today in Skara Brae. The Parchment was sent to Britain for examination and showing. On Closer examination with the use of fire light, words could be made out to the whereabouts of the Treasure of the long dead Pirate Maullar.

The hunt was on, clue after clue was discovered leading closer to the great treasure. At last, The last clue was found. Placing the clues together gave a location for the Treasure. I was told that on arrival the parties were met with a Horde of Trolls. The warriors fought bravely and bested most of the creatures. Doing so the warriors found the treasure chests and attempted to open them. Several warriors met an untimely death, the Chests were trapped and only the Death of all the Monsters could remove the spell. The warriors fought the last of the Beasts and opened the Chests, Gold, Armor, Weapons poured forth and the warriors celebrated their victory.

I even heard one say “ Mauller, Bah!! No wonder he is dead, if that is all he can send at us. ”

’Twas a good day today in Britainnia