1998-05-26: Pirates Attack The Township Of Oasis

Sonoma Edition

Pirates Attack The Township Of Oasis

Author: Anonymous (edited by Caitlin Elopidat) Published: May 26, 1998

Avast ye lads.I am a lowly pirate but am one that can take up the quill and write so me mates have chosen me to tell the tale of our attack on the township of Oasis.

First my mates and i assembled at the Ironwood Inn in the town of Vesper for some ale, and to get our blood hot. Whilst we prepared for our battle, more and more came and our ranks swelled as Pirates from all corners of Sosaria came out of the sea to extract the blood that Oasis had called out for. Their mockery of pirating and our lifestyle had gone on for far too long and they needed their tongues cut out from their lying mouths.

When we had a number we considered enough we lined up in formation and sharpened our cutlasses as others passed out The dreaded purple potions that would soon find their mark on Oasis Guard’s heads. The dyes were set out and soon every pirate was clad in blood red. A count was made and 41 pirates had heeded the call. The large army marched north and met their fearless Captain, the man that makes mortals tremble, known as Herr Tote. This pillar of a man stood before us and chanted “Onward maties! Show these landlubbers the salt in yer veins!”.

The mob proceeded, some carrying torches, and all armed, as they came upon hapless citizens and overan them on the roadways. Citizens fell to the ground before the mass of blood pirates, having ne’er more than a prayer. When the mob finally reached the crossroads near Oasis they stopped to regroup and were set upon by Oasis guards.

The Guards attcked the sea of pirates and were quickly overcome by the sheer numbers of us! Many a guard fell as purple potions flew into the crowd. The pirates cheers and battlecries could be heard throughout the forests as they proceeded to swarm the heavily outnumbered guards. The frantic Oasis guardship screamed “Rel Por” as the human onslaught of pirate after pirate rolled upon them like the never ending sea. The pirates ranks, now bolstered by the late comers finally catching up, rallied around Cap’n Herr, when the township of Oasis seemed to rain forth bolts and arrows from it’s very bowels! The retreating guards that survived had rallied the citizenry to come and defend their town. And come they did. Soon nary a pirate was alive as words of magic filled the air. The dwindling mob charged headlong into the fray , slaying many more guards but alas...the situation was grim indeed. The remaining guards and citzens began the slow mop up of the remaining pirates and soon the field was silenced as the last remnants of the mighty pirate army fell to the blade.

It was over.

The casulty list was tallied and not one pirate was alive..nor had any fled the scene. Truly a brave stand was made this day. The guardship tallied it’s losses and they too realized the sting of death as many of their comrades fallen corpses mingled with those of the pirates. This day had proven that the pirates had the ability, and with a little better organization could have overun the defenses and feasibly destroyed the town of Oasis.

And this tale goes down as neither a win nor a loss in the annals of history. Many a pirate will say we won, but many a guard will disagree. One thing is for certain, Oasis is no longer safe as this pirate horde is only a stones throw from amassing again and attacking in even greater numbers. And then we will see who will walk away...

Capt’n Herr Tote did lead a brave attack and for this he deserves the respect of all who cross his path. As for today’s battle tis only the begining ye landlubbers soon all will fall to the Blood pirates!!Arrrrr!!!