1998-06-15: College of Knowledge to Begin at the Moonglow Lycaeum

Global Edition

College of Knowledge to Begin at the Moonglow Lycaeum

Author: Partyth Malin Published: June 15, 1998

Education about the wondrous world we live in will soon be something Britannian citizens can obtain freely. Preparations began today for a worldwide college of knowledge to be hosted by some of Britannia’s more knowledgeable folk. Courses are soon to be held at the Lycaeum in the beautiful city of Moonglow.

One of the land’s older seers, Seer Maverick, has been overseeing the preparation of a moongate to carry those who might not be able to make the journey to Moonglow. Seer Maverick has also been looking over the installation of some desks and chairs for the Lycaeum, as well as rounding up other seers to assist with the classes.

The topics for the lectures and classes are open to anything, as its merely the exchange of ideas and the enjoyment of the community gathering that the seers are looking to participate in. Also, whenever possible, a few of the land’s more experienced citizens will be asked to speak as guest lecturers if it fits into their busy schedules.

Schedules for the classes have not been set yet, as the college is in its earliest design stages, but topics will be announced in advance of the courses, and stories will appear here in the Town Cryer before the courses are to be held. Check back in the Town Cryer's lifestyle section for advance news of the courses.

No shard will be left uncovered, as the courses will be held on every world of Britannia. The lessons will also be spread out over an entire week so that if participation in one’s home shard is not possible, one can choose to join another shard temporarily for the lecture.

The moongate for travel to the Lycaeum will soon be appearing on the second floor of the Britain Library, and will become active before the classes or lectures begin. Transportation back to Britain will also be provided so that getting home is not a problem.