1998-06-15: Massive Attack

Baja Edition

Massive Attack

Author: Westhum Published: June 15, 1998

From out of no where they came… Orcs and Ettins attacked the Four Corners of the world. The ground shook with their fury as they bore down on Trinsic, Britain, Vesper, Minoc and even Buc’s Den. Waves of Fighters meet the Orcs and Ettins as they barreled down on our fine cities. Death was in the air, both Orc and human fell in the crowed roads and woods near the towns, until the Orcs were no more. The Warriors handled the Orcs and Ettins in the main land first, then quickly moved Buc’s Den to finish off the foul beast. We would like to thank all of the Mage and Warriors for their Quick Response to this deadly threat.