1998-06-19: The Eye Of Dahsk Stolen, Festival Of Masks Delayed

Pacific Edition

The Eye Of Dahsk Stolen, Festival Of Masks Delayed

Author: Genn Wintord Published: June 19, 1998

More than a few people, including myself, had arrived early in the opulent streets of Nujel'm, and awaited the start of the Festival. I noticed that there were no decorations, though, and that the supposed vendors who would sell the masks to the guests were not showing up.

It was then that Ben Kahns of Magincia showed in a jester’s costume, bringing ill tidings… The Festival was postponed by order of the Sultan of Nujel'm himself, for the prize of the Festival, the item that the players in the Game would seek, the Eye of Dahsk… had been stolen.

Details given were few, but it seemed that the Master of the Ceremonies and Vizier to the Sultan, Aleyh Jaskinor, had disappeared earlier, along with the Eye. It is not a far conclusion to make that he was the thief. Until he is caught, and the Eye recovered, the Festival cannot be, which had put the normally vibrant city of Nujel'm into a perpetual gloom…

Stay tuned to the Town Cryer for further developments in this story.