1998-06-22: Paxlair: Town Of Peace

Chesapeake Edition

Paxlair: Town Of Peace

Author: Merrel Published: June 22, 1998

’Twas a fine morn when I set out to write this article. Little did I know that the day would turn out to be such an exciting one. I had heard many an story of a up and growing town known as PaxLair , so I set out to see this town first hand. Leaving Britain, I traveled NE toward Vesper. The sun was shining and the wind was at my back so I made good time. I met several travelers along the road , but few were in the mood for idle chat as they hurried down the road in the opposite direction from where I traveled.

I took a mid-day rest at the Britain, Yew,Vesper guarded cross roads, noticing how quiet the roads were this day. Tis very unusual, only trouble can bring such silence; not even the birds sang. I gathered my belongings and moved at a more rapid pace. Crossing the bridge heading to Yew, the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up. I packed my journal into my bag and hefted mine axe from my shoulder. Swinging my axe once or twice to warm up my arms, as I was taught in battle tactics (I was not always a reporter), I moved down the road cautiously. The sounds of battle could be heard, as I grew closer to PaxLair. This was supposed to be a peaceful town. Out of no where, from all sides Orcs charged me, I held my ground and lowered my stance as I prepared for the blows of the orcish axes. Whoosh…Thud the First orc on me Collapsed, crossbow bolt between the eyes. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see two other warriors. I yelled a harsh yet honored filled hail as I sunk my axe deep into an Ettins back. The warriors responded yelling their names, Phantom and Seamstress, I felt more sure now with aid at my back. As the battle took us further into Paxlair I became aware of the community I had entered. There were people of all walks of life standing side by side protecting their newly found city and working in unison toward one goal the stopping of the Orc raid.

Mine shoulders ached and blood ran from several deep wounds on my arms and legs but I was still intact and well for the most part. Warriors gathered around to cheer our victory. I introduced myself and was greeted with a warm “WELCOME TO PAXLAIR” from many that stood in the crowd. I asked to speak to someone in charge and they referred me to Winfield the Old man. I greeted Winfield and offered to come back at another time for the Orcs had done some damage to the city and the people needed to recover. He shook his head and said that all was well and he bid me to take a tour of his fine town, I agreed. As we walked amongst the trees along a small path leading to the center of PaxLair, Winfield explained to me that PaxLair was a peaceful town and not a guild-based organization. People of all walks of life: good and evil, rich and poor, guilded and non-guilded, lived and flourished in PaxLair. The town was started by a group known as the Band. The Band placed the original town buildings and started the concept and base rules and structures of how the town should survive. As we walked along, I was greeted by person after person in a warm and friendly manner.

Upon reaching the center of town, I stood in a open field saved for a large Mage tower and few trees , of which had a lovely set of expertly crafted benches around them. This, I was told, was the PaxLair Learning center. The benches around the trees were a place for the mages and other students to get away from their studies for a while and enjoy a quiet sit with friends or nature. I was escorted inside the mage tower and to my surprise it was well lit with expertly crafted gold candelabras. The Second floor housed the classroom that was a sight. The desks were all in a line and there were shelves and shelves of books and even a chair for students who acted out in class inappropriately. The third floor was the conference room. We could not stay long as the room was being prepared for the town council meeting later in the day. On the roof of the mage tower stood a magical gate yet it did not vanish. I was amazed, for the magic which it must take to sustain such a gate must be mind numbing. The tower roof is used for the practice of the arcane arts allowing the students grow in their skills. It is also a place for ceremonies to be held (Weddings and the like) and the roof has the best seats to watch the fights in the PaxLair Arena. I was bid to step into the gate so that we might continue our tour, I did so, and found myself back at the bottom floor of the mage tower.

I was offered an ale as the people of PaxLair bragged that they produced the finest ale in the land, I was on duty so I had to decline; but, made a mental note to take them up on it at a later time). I was introduced to Thelorn, one of the founders of PaxLair. He seemed to be a very honest and noble man; strong yet warm and friendly. Thelorn was very disappointed that he had been away buying supplies when the attack on the city he helped found was attacked.

Paxlair is working very hard to keep peace in their corner of the world. They have guards to protect their citizens and almost all battles are held in the arena in a noble and knightly fashion. Paxlair is in treaty talks with several evil guilds to make some agreement to keep the peace within PaxLair’s city limits.

There are many other establishment I still wish to see in this fine city. The Magic shop, the Archery shop, Pizza parlor, Inn, Stables, Outdoor Café and Tavern. There was even mumbled rumor of an open marketplace of which I did not see.

If ye are a traveler in need of a drink or a place to sleep, if ye are looking to settle down in a city made for all walks of life or if ye are just looking to talk with good-hearted folks and make friends, I suggest ye take the walk to PaxLair and see the sights and meet the people of this fair and noble city. PaxLair is still young in its creation and work is still being done on the city, but I feel it will be a thriving city before long.

I will be visiting PaxLair over the next several weeks and I will be talking to the owners of the shops and reviewing the shops, taverns and the like to give ye a inside look at this new city in Brittannia.

Dragon Speed to thee all