1998-06-22: Rotting Undead Roam The Streets Of Buc’s Den

Baja Edition

Rotting Undead Roam The Streets Of Buc’s Den

Author: Unknown author Published: June 22, 1998

They are not particularly strong, except of course in rotting, disgusting smell, but in overwhelming numbers they can be quite deadly. I am speaking of the rancid undead creatures known as zombies. Last night, the foul creatures were found in large numbers roaming the streets of Buccaneer’s Den.

The call quickly went out through the Britainnian town criers stationed throughout the land for defenders to come and rid the streets of these foul beasts. Many brave warriors answered the call and soon the large numbers of zombies were dispatched from the streets of the town. The Town Cryer received no reports of deaths, but the mayhem and fighting could have prevented the fighters from gathering an accurate count.

The question remains, however, as to how all these zombies made their way out to the isolated island of Buccaneer’s Den. A gruesome theory has been advanced, though, as some of the shopkeepers that brave the guard-free zone have been vanishing inexplicably from their shops recently. Not much is usually thought of a Buccaneer’s Den shopkeeper that deserts their post in a hurry. The merchants frequently fall prey to malicious hordes of murderers that make their way out to the island looking for a merchant with gold to slay and loot.

However, the Town Cryer has received an unusual number of reports of those Buccaneer’s Den merchants disappearing lately, and the paper will try to verify that this is happening at an alarmingly increasing rate.