1998-06-22: Zog Cabal or Not Who Do You Believe

Global Edition

Zog Cabal or Not? Who Do You Believe?

Author: Marckyl Lanous Published: June 22, 1998

The recent strange theft of the Relics Of Mondain from the Britain Counselor’s Guild Hall has brought a large number of concerns to both the public and the editorial staff of the Town Cryer. Therefore, it is in the interest of uncovering this conspiracy, or possibly conspiracy hoax, about the organization known as the Zog Cabal, that the paper will present the following two articles. The articles contain the opposing viewpoints of two of Britannia’s prominent citizens that have found themselves caught up in this troubling story.

No matter who you believe, though, the following questions still remain along with many others: Who exactly is the Zog Cabal? What is their purpose in Britannia? Are they involved in any way in these most recent poisonings and thefts? If, in fact, they are involved in these dastardly deeds, why do they do something so public and then retreat into hiding for months at a time?

So, in the spirit of fostering a community free of crimes such as poisonings and deaths, the Town Cryer presents the following articles and two opposing viewpoints.

“By all that is good and holy,” Crawworth was heard to say, “is it not plain enough to even the most dense person that roams Britannia? This murder had to have been committed by the Zog Cabal. The evidence is overwhelming!”

“First,” said Crawworth, “the relics are whisked away by a thief of unbelievable skill. Many a citizen was standing right there when it happened, and most reported that they simply watched the items disappear before their eyes.”

“Then, a mysterious stranger appears and goes nearly insane screaming in the streets about the stolen relics. We never have a chance to speak with him, though, as he beings to spasm with pain almost immediately and then he falls over dead in the streets. His only words are his nearly incoherent screamings about the missing Relics of Mondain.”

“His bodily spasms and my examination of his corpse conclude that he is a victim of a powerful poison. Where have we seen powerful poison used in the committing of a hideous crime before? The Zog Cabal... that’s where!”

“And finally, as if all this evidence was not good enough, we have the telltale book. The thief or poisoner or whatever he was, fled down the road from Britain to Trinsic, this we know. And is the irony not too great that somewhere along that road a book was found bearing the name Zog Cabal? Certainly someone would have spotted the book there long ago and brought it to someone’s attention if it had not just recently appeared there. People travel the road from Britain to Trinsic constantly.

“There is no doubt in my mind,” said Crawworth, “that the Zog Cabal has, yet again, committed a truly evil act. They must be researched and located, pulled out by their very roots, and banished from this land, and if that means putting a final end to them and burying their corpses in the graveyard, then that is just what may have to be done.”

Sage Winslow’s reply to this article will be coming shortly to the Town Cryer.