1998-06-24: Necromancer Lives

Chesapeake Edition

Necromancer Lives

Author: Merrel Published: June 24, 1998

Troubling news crossed my path today. I have heard several reports of a Necromancer in our fair cities.

“Necromancer: Mages skilled at manipulating the residual energy left behind when life departs from its physical shell as well as the greater manipulation of the living earth.”

This magic has been lost from this world for ages and does not (In my opinion) need to resurface. The Necromancers of old were feared for they turned your fallen comrades against you or called the earth to swell and suck thee under.

My sources say that several graveyards as well as the Catacombs near yew were crawling with the undead from this necromancer magical weavings. A grave in the Vesper cemetery was found unearthed, the headstone reads“ Here Lies Barratus... Filthy Necromancer, thou art now with thy own kind”.

Barratus was on of the High Necromancers of ages ago. Barratus was claimed to be the most powerful necromancer alive. He was murdered for his beliefs in the power of death. Barratus was drawn and quartered after being overtaken by the hordes of those wanting to see him vanquished.

Perhaps his power reached beyond life. Is he back for vengence? Only time will unfold this tale.

Dragon Speed To Thee All