1998-06-26: Sage Winslow Responds - Zog Cabal We Have No Proof

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Sage Winslow Responds - Zog Cabal? We Have No Proof

Author: Marckyl Lanous Published: June 26, 1998

The recent strange theft of the Relics Of Mondain from the Britain Counselor’s Guild Hall has brought a large number of concerns to both the public and the editorial staff of the Town Cryer. Therefore, it is in the interest of uncovering this conspiracy, or possibly conspiracy hoax, about the organization known as the Zog Cabal, that the paper will present the following two articles. The articles contain the opposing viewpoints of two of Britannia’s prominent citizens that have found themselves caught up in this troubling story.

No matter who you believe, though, the following questions still remain along with many others: Who exactly is the Zog Cabal? What is their purpose in Britannia? Are they involved in any way in these most recent poisonings and thefts? If, in fact, they are involved in these dastardly deeds, why do they do something so public and then retreat into hiding for months at a time?

So, in the spirit of fostering a community free of crimes such as poisonings and deaths, the Town Cryer presents the following articles and two opposing viewpoints.

“I grow so weary of all these rantings and ravings about this so-called ‘Zog Cabal’,” Sage Winslow was heard to say. “Have we ever, in fact, proved the existence of such an organization? Let’s look at the events of the other night an examine exactly what happened.”

“First, we have a thief that swiped the Relics of Mondain from the Britain Counselor’s Guild. Granted, this thief performed some extraordinary thievery, but is a thief anything out of the ordinary in our world? I think not. This particular thief may simply be quite good at his skills or have hired a mage to work magic with him on this particular heist.”

“Next, a man of unknown origin comes forth ranting and raving uncontrollably over the fact that the Relics of Mondain have been stolen. Well, anyone who had made frequent trips to the counselor’s guild hall knows that the relics have been there for quite some time. Of course they are going to notice when the relics are gone, and if they feel that evil power is still contained inside the last remaining pieces of Mondain, then it may bother them very much. It may bother them, in fact, so much, that the experience overwhelms them, and it may bother them to the point of having an attack on their heart. This, too, might explain the spasms and sudden death of the man.”

“As to whether or not it was poison, who do we believe, Crawworth? How long, exactly was Crawworth’s examination of the body? I watched it and I would say he made his assessment in mere seconds. Did he draw blood from the corpse? Did he do a complete analysis of the body? I think not. So this man may or may not have been poisoned. These days Crawworth sees poisoning assassins around every corner, lurking in the dark shadows that he imagines are everywhere.”

“And finally, Crawworth uses a book as his most damning piece of evidence that his ‘Zog Cabal’ is involved, but what do we know about this book? We know that the words ‘Zog Cabal’ were written on it. That’s it? Yes, I believe that is it. So, by Crawworth’s logic if I drop my book of notes, that has my name on it mind you, on the ground, and a few hours later a great crime is committed after I have been long gone, then I am guilty.”

“Crawworth will surely need some better proof that his Zog Cabal exists, and even if they do exist, that they are involved in this crime. I feel sorry for him actually. Some lunatic makes claims of being in a terrorist group during a tragic time in Crawworth’s life, and he can never shake the feeling that he and others around him are doomed to be victims of a group that has never even been proved to exist.”

“Oh, Crawworth, when will you give up this hopeless delusion?”