1998-06-29: Pirates Defeated: Staff Secret Revealed To Harris

Sonoma Edition

Pirates Defeated: Staff Secret Revealed To Harris

Author: Faralli Thenhok Published: June 29, 1998

JHELOM - The unmistakable smells of battle still linger over the docks and roadways here on the northern isle. Arriving through the teleporter, your reporter can see an endless supply of bolts and arrows strewn across the ground and sunken into building walls and trees. These are the only remains of a battle which was waged for hours here late last night against the pirate Captain Wyrmheart and his men.

The pirate has been wanted by the Magincia Merchant’s Guild for several days in connection with a series of shipping attacks as well as the mystical Staff of the Sea belonging to Harris, the Finder and Grandmaster Merchant whose office opened a few months ago in the guild hall in Magincia. When word came that the pirates had been sighted sailing towards Jhelom, the town cryers quickly picked up the story and warned the citizenry.

A few brave souls ventured down to the docks to meet the pirates, but were quickly pushed back to the relative safety of the teleporters. Before long it became apparent that the pirates were badly outnumbered, but they pressed their brutal attack, slaying a large number of good men and women who came to defend the town. After a long battle which saw repeated swings of momentum, with constant attacks and tactical retreats from both sides, the pirate crewmen started to fall to a magical onslaught of daemons, blade spirits, and the like. Eventually only the Captain himself remained, and he was about to be slain when a few folk, apparently familiar with Harris’ situation, asked the vengeful warriors to hold back until the pirate could speak. There was some debate about Gating the pirate to Harris, but the town guards swore to kill him if they saw him, so Harris was transported to the dockside to speak with him. After a short discussion, an elated Harris learned the secret of his Staff of the Sea, and managed to summon a water elemental with it, much to the amazement of the bystanders. In is rumored that the staff was damaged at this time, and this seemed to be borne out by the water elemental becoming a fire elemental and soon exploding.

However, your reporter managed to speak with Harris afterwards, and he expressed confidence. “I think that th’ staff o’ th’ sea is healing itself, see? An’ I am sure that th’ union ceremony will go accordin’ t’ schedule." Apparently, in a week or two (after the staff has "healed”), Harris plans to unite the four staves of the elements in a grand ceremony, and all of Britainnia is invited.

Let’s hope, for everyone’s sake, that it doesn’t involve as much death and destruction as I see before me here in Jhelom.